Here at Hotel New Greenpia, we have a bowling alley, a game corner, pools, a gymnasium, and many other indoor sports facilities as well as a camping ground, fishing pond, roller luge run, tennis courts, miniature golf course, outdoor pools, 24-hole golf course, go-carts, cycling, and athletic fields for endless fun!
Our outdoor facilities are available for use once the snow melts from the middle of May to the beginning of November.
In addition, New Greenpia Tsunan's slopes are typically open from mid-December to April each year so that you can ski and snowboard.
For more detailed information regarding the use of our outdoor facilities and ski slopes, please contact us!

Indoor Facilities

Indoor Swimming pool

All Season Indoor Enjoyment Space!
Very popular with children, our heated swimming pool can be enjoyed in winter while watching the snow fall.
Operating Days Every week Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Usage Fee 1 person 500 yen (free for overnight guests)


Use for Tennis,Volleyball,Badminton,Ping-Pong,Gateball and many others
Even on rainy days, you can work up a sweat with friends and family. Show them who the real sportsman is!
Operating Hours 9:00 - 21:00
Indoor Hardcourt Tennis (2) 1 court/1 hour 2,600 yen

Bowling Alley

Four lanes available
Bowling Alley equipped with Automatic Score-keeping
Even if you don't usually frequent bowling alleys, give it a try!
Operating Hours 9:00 - 21:00
4 Lanes with Auto-scorekeeping 1 person/1 game 450 yen / rental shoes 250 yen

Game Center

From the newest virtual games to Pachinko, we have over 30 different kinds of gaming experiences for you to enjoy.
Operating Hours 8:00 - 24:00

Outdoor facilities

Fishing pond

A big catch isn't only a dream!
Fishing beginners are very welcome!
#Approximately 1.2km from the Cycle Center
Operating Hours 9:00 - 16:00
Reception Cosmo Arena (Saturday / Sunday, Reception at the Fishing Pond)
Fishing Lot Charge (Fishing Rod / Basket / Bait / up to 2 Fish included) 1 person ......1,100 yen
3 or more fish are charged separately (1 fish) .....Rainbow trout/300 yen Char/400 yen Landlocked Salmon/400 yen
Charcoal (portioned per fish) .....150 yen


Enjoy the "Camping Life" in your own style!
Double-sized campfires available for large groups.
Only one campfire per group per day, so please make your reservations early!
Operating / / / Beginning of June to the end of October

Roller Luge

Racing down the slopes from the third ski lift is our exciting Roller Luge, where you can experience speeds of up to 100km and maximum thrills!
Or glide down more slowly, taking in the scenery throughout four seasons.
Enjoy the full length of the 850m-course in your own fashion.
Full Length 850m
Experience alike maximum speeds of up to 100km. Thrills for all ages!
Operating: End of April through early November
1 rider (minimum height 140cm)
1 run 500 yen (discount multi-pass tickets available)

Tennis Court

Have a smash on our all-weather tennis courts!
Experience the refreshing breeze from across the highland as it wicks the sweat from your play.
Great for groups outings!
13 All-weather Courts
1 court 1 hour 1,000 yen

Miniature Golf Course

From kids to grandparents, everyone can enjoy this 9-hole miniature golf course.
A simple game even for beginners.
Miniature Golf Course 9 Holes
1 person, 1 course 200 yen (equipment included)

Outdoor pool

Enjoy watching the magnificence scenery from this swimming pool for your special summer days.
Outdoor pool is open from early July to the end of August/
4 lanes x 25m 1 person, 500 yen (free for overnight guests)

Ground Golf Course

Everyone from beginners to experts will enjoy our lush green 40-hole course.
One of the courses recognized by the Japan Ground Golf Association, it's perfect for large and small rallies.
Total 40 holes
A Japan Ground Golf Association authorized course
1 person 1 round (8 holes) / 500 yen (equipment included)


Our incredibly popular go-carts come in both 1-seater and 2-seater versions. Great for families or couples.
No drivers license necessary! Fun and safe, children over 140cm are able to drive alone.
Operating : End of April through early November
Go-cart (with engine) Single passenger (minimum height required 140cm)
1 time 500 yen
Go-cart (with engine) Two-passenger cart
1 time 700 yen


Enjoy the full length of our 2600m cycling course at your leisure.
No doubt you'll make a precious discovery gazing upon the wide variety of plants and flowers in bloom throughout the year.
Take a refleshing tour along our Cycling Course!
Operating period: From late April to early November
1 Bike for 1 hour 400 yen (children's bikes also available)

Sports Ground

Covered entirely in natural turf, our expansive ground
is great for playing softball, gate ball or many other sports.
Perfect for an athletic training camp or your company's next sports competition!
Softball 1 hour 3,000 yen (Kickbase equipment also available)

Athletic Fields

A completely barrier-free room where you can spend a night in comfort.
Both parents and kids will enjoy our athletic fields
Operating period: From the beginning of June to October

Ski Area

You'll enjoy a Winter Wonderland!

New Greenpia Tsusnan's slopes are typically open from mid-December through April each year, and are available for skiing, snowboarding and other winter fun.

Southern Cross Ski Slope Intermediate / Advanced
Degree of Difficulty
(5 Levels)

Length 500m, Course width 150m Maximum 30°(average 26°)
Milky Way Ski Slope Advanced
Degrees of Difficulty
(5 Levels)

Length 850 Course width 30m Maximum 38°(average 21°). Cross Course.
Star-dust Ski Slope Beginner / Intermediate
Degrees of Difficulty
(5 Levels)

Length 400m Course width 50m Maximum 14°(average 13°)
Gentle slopes popular with families and beginners
Moon River Ski Slope Beginner / Intermediate
Degrees of Difficulty
(5 Levels)

Length 550m Course width 50m Maximum 27°(average 16°)
An excellent course for practicing the basics
Cosmic B Ski Slope Intermediate / Advanced
Degrees of Difficulty
(5 Levels)

Length 1,100m Course width 45m Maximum 30°(average 15°)
A challenging course that goes from advanced to intermediate difficulty.

Skis / Snowboards / Boots / Sports Wear rentals items are available, please contact us!
Also, very popular with beginners, our Ski/Snowboard School has friendly teachers.

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